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Understanding and Following an Organic Diet Lifestyle


Understanding and Following an Organic Diet Lifestyle

Organic Diets are the newest in healthy diets. People are looking for healthier ways to eat and lose weight. Organic dieting is a way that people can get the food and nutrition they need to keep their bodies running at full capacity. Organic diets do not include the chemicals people find in processed foods. Organic is the healthy way to eat.

What is an organic food? When farmers are raising their meats, vegetables, and grains they are using chemicals. The chemicals do lots of things for the farmers. Some of the chemicals the farmers use are the pesticides they spray on the gardens to keep the bugs from eating the plants. These pesticides wash down into the soil and are stuck on the plants even after the first rain. Pesticides are dangerous and can cause a number of birth defects.

What is Organic Food?

Cool video we found explaining what is organic food and why we should eat it.

Organic growing means that the farmer does not use chemicals or pesticides in their gardens. The foods are free of anything that is unhealthy for human consumption. Organically grown vegetables may cost a little bit more but they are so much healthier for us to eat. Each farmer that is growing organically will work harder to keep his crops healthy. He will work harder to keep bugs from destroying the plants. There will be slower growth on each plant.

Organic cattle and poultry is truly the best way to eat your meats. Most farmers use growth hormones and steroids to get their cattle and poultry to full size quicker. They are not worrying about what the steroids, antibiotics, or growth hormones are doing to humans. While most farmers still use this way of growing meats, there are a few people that are going organic. Organically raised meats contain nothing but organic grains and grasses. The feeds are free of any chemicals or antibiotics. These meats are so much healthier for human consumption.


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Organic Diets include foods that are totally healthy and free of these chemicals and hormones. An organic diet will include fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables. The Meat is going to be cooked so that there are no chemicals added. Do not fry your foods. Baking, boiling, or steaming is preferable to frying. Organic means free and healthy.

If you are hoping to become healthier you must toss out all of the processed foods in the house. The first thing to do is read labels. Make sure that each food in your house contains ingredients that you can read and know what they are. Eat foods low in processed sugars and sodiums. Sea salt is one of the better salts to consume and it is natural. Sea salt comes naturally from the sea so using it is better than other Iodine salts from our grocery stores.

One of the rules to remember when creating your Organic diet is to eat naturally. Choose fruits and vegetables that bare the organic symbol. Only eat can veggies that have the vegetables and water. Never choose processed cheeses, sandwich meats, or snacks. Organic means clean so your body should be free and clean after starting this diet.

Remember it is also all about the health benefits of eating organic.

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