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Top Female Celebrities Who Eat Organic


Top Female Celebrities Who Eat Organic

6Miranda Kerr

It should come as no surprise that a former Victoria’s Secret angel and super model would be concerned about eating as healthy as possible by way of eating organic. The model Miranda Kerr embraces eating organically and using beauty products that are organic. She finds that by eating organic she no longer has food cravings for chocolate, ice cream and fried chicken.

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5Gisele Bundchen

The super model Gisele Bundchen proudly eats organic often and uses organic skin care. Gisele Bundchen actually grows many of her own organic vegetables and fruit in her garden that the Brady-Bundchen family eat. The family grows about eighty-five percent of the produce they eat and they even raise their own chickens for fresh, organic eggs whenever they want to eat them. Gisele has her own organic skin care line called: Sejaa. Sejaa is Portuguese for “to be”.
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4Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone is known for her roles in Clueless and Batman and Robin. A less known fact about the actress is that she is a vegan. She wrote the book: “The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Saving the Planet” which details living with a vegan and organic based diet. Alicia credits controlling her cystic acne with her vegan diet. She strongly believes that a vegan diet helps mental clarity and physical well being.

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3Jessica Alba

The lead actress Jessica Alba who is known from her films Good Luck Chuck and The Fantastic Four lives a very organic lifestyle. She eats mostly all organic foods with her husband and children. They love to experiment with cooking organic. She additionally started the organic company The Honest Company, which sells a variety of organic, natural or environment conscious products. Jessica Alba states that she was often ill, had asthma, surgeries and severe allergies when she was young. By eating healthier and using environmentally friendly products she found her health was greatly improved.

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2Gwyneth Paltrow

The lead actress in Shakespeare in Love, the Iron Man trilogy and Country Strong has had some critics of her lifestyle website Goop. However, there is no denying that Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most outspoken actresses in Hollywood when it comes to eating healthy. Gwyneth has not only written about her organic diet on Goop, she has also written cookbooks. Gwyneth has admitted that her kids and herself have food intolerances to gluten. She herself does not eat shellfish, meat, eggs, wheat, coffee, sugar or potatoes. She has found that by eating organic, gluten free and vegetarian she no longer gets painful headaches and finds that her thoughts are far more clear.

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1Olivia Wilde

The actress Olivia Wilde -who starred in such films as Tron Legacy and on the TV show House- has admitted to being a vegan in the past. Today she says she prefers to eat an organic diet as much as she can, because having a vegan diet wasn’t giving her enough of the nutrients she needed for her body. She loves that when she eats a mainly organic diet her skin is flawless, with a glowing quality to it. Her perspective on eating organic is a bit “you are what you eat” type of philosophy.

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That’s the list so far but no worries. We’ll be back with a new list of both male and female celebrities who loves organic and keep healthy.


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