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Top 6 Organic Foods To Eat


Top 6 Organic Foods To Eat

Many people are eating organic foods due to health reasons. Eating organic foods is much more expensive however, some people feel that they are benefiting in some way.

Organic foods are all naturally grown and contain no chemicals or hormones. Therefore, some feel the absence of hormones and harmful chemicals may cut the risk of certain diseases such as Cancer.

6Organic Potatoes

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There are some organic foods that are well worth including in your diet. Potatoes are something that many Americans eat in one form or another. There are so many different ways in which potatoes can be prepared.

Potatoes have a nutritional value however, in 2006 it was documented that non-organic potatoes even after being washed and cleaned still contained a high amount of harmful pesticides. Therefore, simply based on the pesticides alone it is well worth the investment in purchasing organic potatoes.

5Organic Milk

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Organic Milk seems to have become a popular item with American families. Organic milk does not contain growth hormones which is typically found most milk products. RGBH was found in high concentrations in whole milk and without a doubt RGBH can be quite harmful to humans. However, if you purchase organic milk you do not have to worry about any harmful chemicals being added. Therefore, most Americans can feel good about their children consuming organic milk products.

4Organic Fruit

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Fruit is a natural way of getting sugar as opposed to sweet cakes and cookies. Therefore, eating moderate amounts of fruit can have positive health benefits. However, most fruit is sprayed with insecticides to keep bugs from eating and ruining the fruit.

Again, it is impossible to remove all traces of harmful chemicals that have been sprayed on various fruits simply by washing and scrubbing. Small amounts of pesticides still remain on fruit no matter what measures are taken.

Organic peaches, apples and pears are an excellent choice for consumers. Organic fruit is all natural and you can be assured your family is not ingesting anything harmful when eating organic fruits. Organic fruit is more costly but it is worth the price in the long run. Your health is priceless.

3Organic Lettuce

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Organically grown lettuce is far better than traditional lettuce which is treated with various chemicals to keep insects away and promote growth. Keep in mind it is virtually impossible to remove every trace of all chemicals by simply washing lettuce, even scrubbing. In addition, purchasing organic kale and spinach is also a worthwhile investment.

Kale has a great deal of nutrients and it is used in preparing certain dishes. Organically grown kale and spinach is certainly healthier and it may even taste better in comparison to vegetables that have been chemically treated.

2Organic Beef

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Organic beef is being served on dinner tables more frequently. Organic beef comes from animals that are fed a specific diet that generally makes them healthier animals. Regular beef products may come from animals that feed on grass and other outdoor plants that can affect nutritional value and grade of meat that is obtained from these animals.

Controlling and regulating the diet of animals that eventually end up on the dinner table is certainly healthier for anyone consuming the meat products.

1Organic Eggs

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Organic eggs have gained considerable popularity over the past decade. Organic eggs may come from free roaming hens as opposed to chickens that are fed grains that are treated with antibiotics and other chemicals.

Free roaming hens are uncaged animals that are not confined to one area and they are not fed grains and feed that are chemically treated.

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