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Top 5 Organic Makeup Brands


Top 5 Organic Makeup Brands

Organic Beauty products have been around for over ten years now, and recently they have become more popular then ever, with the recent surge in organic health products consumers are looking for chemical free ways to eat, and enhance their beauty.

In this list we will showcase the most popular five brands and their excellent product lines that they offer, some of these brands have brick and mortars stores, and some can only be purchased online. Being beautiful and organic might sound like an impossible combination, but thanks to today’s research it is not.

5Physicians Formula

Image Credit: Physicians Formula

Ingrid Jackel founded Physicians Formula in 2006; the purpose behind the company was to offer affordable and organic make up with no harsh chemicals. Now the company has a full line of cosmetics to choose from, bronzers, loose powders, conceal, foundation, and more. There is also a full line of lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner just to name a few, and all of the products are organic and toxin free. Ordering Physicians Formula is easy as well; the company has an extensive online web store, as well as distribution through department stores across the United States.

4Ecco Bella

Image Credit: Ecco Bella

Founded in 1992, Ecco Bella has been around the organic beauty product industry for a while. They have a full product line of cruelty free and chemical free beauty products. Their main product is the Flower Color makeup line, which is made from actual flower wax. They also have a full line of products such as body wash, body lotion, hair shampoo, conditioner, and even mascara. Ecco Bella products can be purchased online at their store and they also have 2000 brick and mortar stores as well.

3Pure & True

Image Credit: Pure & True

Pure & True is one of the newer companies in the organic makeup field, featuring a smaller product line of organic products to choose from. Their main product is the ultra marine age defying masque, they also have a popular age defying serum, as well as whole facial kits that are organic as well. Pure & True products can be purchased on their website, their products are not currently available in brick and mortar stores.

2Bare Escentuals

Image Credit: Bare Escentuals

Bare Escentuals is one of the older companies on this list, offering organic foundation for over a decade as the bare essentials line. They also offer a full line of products now, ranging from makeup, lipstick, eyeliners, and even body wash. Their products are all organic and toxin free, and their most famous is the Bare Minerals Foundation, which comes in over 60 shades now to match any skin tone. Bare Escentials can be purchased online at their website or at department stores across the country.

1Honest Beauty

Image Credit: Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty is a company founded by Jessica Alba. They offer a full range of organic beauty products to choose from. Consumers can buy the facial makeup, skin care products, or choose from bundles, which have all of the products in one. Honest Beauty is sold through their online website, and they also offer a free trial of their products to get you started.

There are many more organic makeup brands on the market and we only covered a few. Stay tuned to a more refined list as new brands cross our radar!