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Top 5 Organic Baby Foods


Looking for the Top 5 Organic Baby Foods?

You may have one, two, or three babies in your household; you could also have more than that. When choosing baby food or switching to a different kind, it is important to learn what kinds of baby food make it into the top five. Organic baby food is usually the food of choice that most parents go with because it is healthier.

These kinds of organic baby foods are in two stages just like the original baby food. The first stage is for younger babies just starting out on food, the second stage is for older babies that are cutting teeth because of the chunks that are in stage two baby food, and the third stage is for even older babies that are able to drink since the food is put in pouches.


Image Credit: Gerber

Gerber would be the best choice for your baby since it is the most popular brand, and it is the oldest. The fruits and vegetables that are in this organic baby food are grown by people that grow food for a living. These kinds of foods have lots of vitamins in it especially vitamin A. Not only does Gerber provide babies with vitamins, but artificial flavoring is left out. Salt and sweeteners are also left out so you do not have to worry about your baby getting any extra sugars.

4Earth’s Best

Image Credit: Earth’s Best

The name says it all; this would be another great choice and is the second best out of the top 5 organic baby foods. Along with Gerber baby food; you can also find these in your local baby and grocery stores. The people that have made this baby food made sure to leave out any extra sugars. The flavor that your baby will taste is all natural. Another great thing is that these fruits and vegetables are fresh.

3Happy Family

Image Credit: Happy Family

You may have never heard of Happy Family baby foods because you may not have seen these in your local stores. You can purchase their products online and can have your baby’s food shipped straight to your door. This would be the third best out of the top five. This food is made by mothers who have tested organic products and made this food for their babies. A great thing about this food is that they give you the ingredients so you know exactly what is in it. You can also make this food for your children.

2Plum Organics

Image Credit: Plum Organics

This is the fourth best in the top five. If you want your newborn to be healthy as well, then talk to your baby’s pediatrician about Plum Organics because they make formula. As for the baby food, the food is made from fresh ingredients. Your baby will also taste a little bit of an extra flavor due to the spices that are put into the food.


Image Credit: NurtureMe

This is the last of the top five. You can find mixed foods and different foods that you cannot get with any other brands. Your baby will be trying foods such as quinoa, kale, and raisons. These foods are filled with vitamins A and C as well as plenty of calcium and iron. These are the healthiest kinds of foods because they have less calories than regular baby food.

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