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Healthier Babies Love Organic Baby Food Moms Prepares


Healthier Babies Love Organic Baby Food Moms Prepares

Organic baby foods are trending and people all over the world are trying to make their own organic fresh baby foods instead of purchasing store bought jar foods. Most baby foods should already be organic and free from chemicals or preservatives but they aren’t. If a company is producing baby food to be stored on the shelves for a long time, they are probably including some type of preservative to keep the food fresh.

Organic foods are all natural. The foods we buy in cans and jars are not free of the preservatives that are making people sick. Babies are being born with birth defects and some of the defects are a result of chemicals in the gardens. Preservatives, antibiotics, and growth hormones in foods are making people sick. These things are being used to make animals fatter quicker, or to keep bugs off of the vegetable plants until harvest time.


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Organic baby foods have been around for a long time but we did not even care to notice. The early settlers began planting their crops and raising their grains without preservatives or chemicals. They relied on their own bodies to keep the plants free of bugs and growing like they should. The early settlers would pick their vegetables, cook them and mash them for their babies. They never would jar them and add salts. Organic baby food is made the same way. A family will grow their own squash or corn in their garden. The food will be free of any pesticides or chemicals. After full grown, the family will pick the vegetables and cook them. Baby food comes from these organic vegetables being mashed and fed to babies. Some people freeze the leftovers. Some of the organic foods are cooked and sealed in jars for another feeding.

Sweet potatoes and squash are two of the favorites in the baby food world. Organic squash and potatoes are easy to mash up and easy for the baby to eat. The vegetables that are cooked can be processed in a blender for a smoother texture. Add a little water for a smoother texture. Some people add fruit to give foods a new flavor. Sugar from fruit is natural and organic for the baby.

Apples and bananas are two of the favorite fruits for babies. These come straight from the tree and are easy to prepare for the baby. Once an apple is baked or boiled, it must be peeled. Mash the apple slices or put them in the blender. Add banana or juice to make it smoother and taste sweeter. Pears and peaches are two of the other fruits that babies love. Add in a little bit of baby organic cereal for the perfect breakfast.


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Organic foods for babies are trending because people are looking for healthy alternatives for feeding their babies. People that are searching for these organic alternatives will usually create their own foods or search online for a reputable baby food dealer that deals only in organic foods. Make sure to read all labels before assuming the food is organic. To be organic it must only include the food itself and waters.

We found a good video on Organic Baby Food for 8-12 Month Olds

Keep baby healthy and start early with organic food!

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