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Why Eating Organic Is Important


Why Eating Organic is Important

Due to the health problems in America’s society eating organic is becoming a growing trend.Since it doesn’t have any kind of chemicals or pesticides, it is key to becoming healthy.Now people are really starting to see the benefits of the organic food stored at their local grocery stores. However, its benefits help not only humans but also the entire world. By altering the consumer’s need for organic food, many farmers will change their growth for the consumers. Doing that will conserve the natural nutrients in the food and in the soil for future generations. But if that does not convince you then below is four reasons to answer one question. “Is joining the organic trend really worth it?”


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#1. Lowers the chances of catching viruses from foods

Nearly everyone is starting to get sick from diseases in our food. That is because many farmers are turning their back on growing food naturally and leaning toward agribusiness(Using technology in agriculture). But the more farmers use technology and chemicals, the more illnesses spread. Due to the fact that when farmers use technology they also use CAFOs(concentrated animal feeding operation) which have multiple sick animals. So obviously, the farmers will attempt to protect the animals using vaccines. That just leads to viruses that are immune to most medicines (E. coli) making them overall incurable. Yet, the farmers continue to deliver the infected food right to us making the population sicker than ever.

#2. Lowers the chances of spreading pollution

In order to make processed food the farmers have to use chemicals in the soil. Doing that damages the farmland forever making it no longer able to grow food. But not only does it affect certain areas of farmland but also the most important aspect for human life “Water”. When it rains or the farmers water their plants the water carries the chemicals with them. The runoff will either go into the already damages ground or carry on into our natural water supply. That increases the chances of everyone getting poisoned or losing valuable water for virtually nothing.

#3. Gets rid of GMO

The increases in contaminated foods are due to the genetically modifies organisms (GMO). That continues to happen at an extreme rate which is ultimately killing our planet. You can never identify a GMO food since they don’t classify them. But since Organic food cannot change or be genetically modified it is the one way to ensure you aren’t damaging the world.

#4. Increases the nutrients in food

Since the soil that grows organic food is healthier than processed it contains more nutrients. That makes it last longer and continue to be healthier food. Also, that makes us get more from what we eat making us healthier than ever. Below is a list of things organic foods cause for humans.

-Antioxidant capacity
-Reduces Pesticide
-Helps your heart
-Building your immune system
-Antibiotic resistant

Check out this cool video on Why Eating Organic is Better!

Overall organic food is the best to form a healthy future. It is undoubtedly better than processed foods and can sometimes cost less. So what are waiting for, help make the world a better place by just changing what you eat. Also, in order to aid you in starting your journey to being the best you can find the best organic foods below.

-Green beans

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